Saturday, October 29, 2016

Another Rip Tide Report

It was a cathartic experience writing this script. And a learning one, too. 

I am a Miamian. I use to say it with pride. Not anymore. I'd been meaning to write this story for close to 30-years. When I finally got around to it, I was reminded that Lolita has been in captivity for nearly 50-years. In a pen the size of a motel swimming pool. That's sick and reflects on the values of all of us living here. 

Assuming long ago that no one was actually going to free her-- including myself-- I laid out a storyline that revolved around an "impossible missions" force headed by a Navy SEAL. I call him Rip Tide. He's an old school kinda John Wayne cowboy who gets things done but isn't very PC about it, especially with the ladies. After a botched up clandestine assignment that gets his foot blown off, he's reassigned to work with an old acquaintance down in Miami. Professor Dylan Mare and Tide use to work together training dolphins to work for the Navy. It included teaching them how to be suicide bombers. Tide didn't like that part and got himself transferred out of there. Now he's back and discovers three things: 

1) Mare has seen the light too and no longer uses cetaceans of any form to kill themselves for Uncle Sam. 
2) Mare's daughter Ariel is all grown up and is worthy of Tide making a fool of himself over-- and she's strong enough to put him in his place.
3) Professor Mare has learned to.. talk to the cetaceans. He's invented an electronic device that allows them and us to communicate effortlessly.

That device is key to getting an orca called Johnny to work with them-- and the Navy-- on any future operations because he has told them flat out if they want his help-- or the cooperation of any other orca or dolphin-- Lolita has to be freed first. 

Freeing Lolita involves the below-the-radar loan of a Navy heavy-lifting helicopter, a nighttime assault on the Miami Aquarium (a fictional placeholder for the real Seaquarium), and a solar powered e-catamaran to hide Lolita and Johnny on their long journey to Puget Sound via the Panama Canal.  

Not all goes well, of course. In fact, thanks to Russia's expertise at hacking, one of their nuclear submarines is waiting for them on the Pacific side of the Panama Canal to hijack the technology. 

And that is part of my learning experience, too. Researching Russian nuclear subs was depressing and scary. They are a formidable adversary to not only the U.S., but also the world. It made me think-- especially with guys like Putin at the helm-- and Trump-- what chance does any living thing have on earth? Will freeing Lolita be all in vain? 

Well, if you're Commander Rip Tide, you do it anyway because it's the right thing to do.

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